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Safe Harbour for Good Investments

There are many reasons why Serbia, the small country at the crossroads between the East and the West, which was almost invisible on the global investment and business map until a couple of years ago, has turned today into one of the most desirable destinations for investments, trade and business partnerships.

Objectively seen, Serbia has never had a better and more stimulating environment both for doing business as well as for investing. Investors and buyers of our products see Serbia today as a macroeconomically and politically stable country, committed to the EU integration process, with a functional infrastructure on major European corridors, improved regulatory framework, clear regulations and simplified procedures, and improved ratings on international lists that measure conditions for doing business.

In spite of the outbreak of the Corona virus, our positions have remained good. This is because of the manner in which we have responded to the crisis, because we have preserved both people and companies, because of the confirmed credit rating in the most difficult period and the good outlook for further improvement, because of the smaller decline than initially expected in this year, and the forecast of a high growth in 2021. And also because of the better outlook on the medium and long run, as compared with the majority of comparable economies.

Our offer for investors includes a serious package of financial incentives – from government subsidies, tax and customs duty benefits, to lower operating costs than at other competing locations.

What is particularly important and what the investors ask first is that Serbia has a competitive, trained, qualified workforce and worldrenowned experts and engineers. It also has local companies, reliable partners and suppliers of global companies, capable of meeting the standards of the most complex markets and most demanding customers. Free trade agreements represent a special advantage. They allow manufacturers to export duty free not only in our region, but also to other markets worldwide with more than 1.3 billion consumers.

Aware of the limitations of small, national markets, we are working to build a common regional market with almost 20 million consumers – the Western Balkans Economic Area, without any barriers to regional and global business development. Six chambers of commerce gathered in one regional initiative – the Western Balkans 6 Chamber Investment Forum - are specially dedicated to achieving this goal. In this way, we provide a larger market to companies, but also contribute to the stability of the region, which is changing from an area of bad news and conflicts into a region of success, growth and development, common interests and common future.
Serbia, in the center of the Western Balkans, is becoming more and more a regional hub for business operations of large, global corporations. The best recommendation for the international business community are exactly the foreign companies that are already operating successfully and profitably on the Serbian market and that are expanding their capacities. About 18,000 companies with majority foreign capital are registered and operating here today. In recent years, we have attracted more than a hundred investment projects per year, and up to 12 times higher volume of greenfield foreign direct investments than it is expected from the economy of this size, which has positioned us on the top of the List of the respectable Financial Times.

We also improve our investment performance and rating in the international business community by developing partnerships and good communication with investors. Those who come here can count on maximum support, both from the Serbian government, as well as from relevant state institutions and the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, to make decisions on investments, as well as to prepare and realize the investment.

Welcome to Serbia, an economy worth investing in, a land of growing and open economy, with great investment and innovation potential, serious companies and quality products – a safe harbor for good investments.
Marko Čadež