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Western Balkans 6 Chamber Investment Forum (WB6 CIF)

Western Balkans 6 Chamber Investment Forum (WB6 CIF) is a registered association of chambers of commerce and industry from the six Western Balkans economies, that established a formal platform of cooperation in 2017 with the aim to provide a joint voice to the business community of the Western Balkans region and to facilitate inter-business contacts and promote the region as one investment destination.

WB6 CIF represents more than 400,000 companies, mostly small and medium-sized enterprises in its mission to open new opportunities for stronger networking of business communities within the region by removing the remaining obstacles to deeper regional economic integration and creation of a regional common market. WB6 CIF is the business community’s response to political processes in the region, which take place within the Berlin process as an additional incentive of the Western Balkans to join the EU.


Economies of the Western Balkan are already closely linked to each other but also to the European Single Market. This has been made intensively clear once more during the first wave of the current Covid-19 pandemic. 

We therefore see the opening of borders and the creation of a Common Regional Market guided by the founding and essential principles of the European project, namely the Four EU Freedoms, as the best way to move our economies and the whole region forward into a European future. 

In that sense we see two distinct but interconnected processes: the creation of the Common Regional Market as one, and the EU accession of the Western Balkans as the other.


WB6 CIF is managed by its Managing Board that brings together the Presidents of the six Western Balkans chambers of Commerce:
  • Ines Mucostepa for the Union of Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Albania
  • Ahmet Egrlic for the Foreign Trade Chamber of Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Berat Rukiqi for the Chamber of Commerce of Kosovo
  • Branko Azeski for the Economic Chamber of Macedonia
  • Vlastimir Golubovic for the Chamber of Economy of Montenegro
  • Marko Cadez for the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia

President Cadez acts as the President of the WB6 CIF Managing Board, President Azeski as the Vice President of the WB6 CIF Managing Board.

WB6 CIF Permanent Secretariat is headed by Mrs. Tatjana Shterjova Dushkovski who is the General Secretary of the Association.

More information can be found on www.wb6cif.eu and www.investinsee.com

For the WB6 CIF activities within Serbia please contact our colleagues from the CCIS Center for the Western Balkans Chamber Investment Forum via e-mail  wb6cif@pks.rs.