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January 22, 2024

Čadež: The Common Labor Market of the Open Balkan is a Response to the Needs of the Region's Economy

Today's signing of technical protocols that will enable the functioning of the joint labor market within the Open Balkan Initiative is a great day for citizens and the business community and the best answer to the needs of the region's economy, said Marko Čadež, the president of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia (CCIS).

According to Čadež, the establishment of the common labor market of Serbia, Albania, and North Macedonia, which will become operational on March 1, will bring multiple benefits to citizens, the economy, and the economy of the region as a whole. "Without any specific procedures, the citizens will be able to get employed in the other two countries under the same conditions, while companies, local or foreign, operating in the countries of the Open Balkan Initiative will be able to find the staff they need in the neighboring market, without paperwork and institutional barriers", explained the president of CCIS. The possibility of getting a job in the neighboring countries will reduce the need and desire of our people to leave the region, and I believe, this will alleviate a huge problem of the outflow of personnel, adds Čadež. Two protocols were signed in Skopje today as part of the Open Balkan Initiative - the Protocol on connecting the electronic identification scheme of citizens of the Western Balkans and the Protocol on the implementation of the Agreement on the conditions for free access to the labor market in the Western Balkans. The agreements were signed on behalf of the Serbian party by the State Secretary in the Ministry of Finance, Gojko Stanivuković, and representatives of the relevant ministries on behalf of Albania and North Macedonia.