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April 22, 2024

A Successfully Held Masterclass on Brandies at the Weekend Food Festival in Rovinj

At the Weekend Food Festival in Rovinj, as part of the promotion of the Wine Vision and Food Vision by Open Balkan events, a masterclass "Brandy - the undiscovered pearl of the Balkans" was held.

Dr. Ivan Urošević's workshop on the aromas of Serbian brandies was extremely well attended. With the support of Aleksandar Ilić and the dedicated team of the multi-awarded Junior Chefs Club, Dr. Urošević introduced the audience to the specifics of Serbian brandy, as well as the pairings of different flavors of brandy, apricot brandy, vilijamovka, quince, and plum brandy, with appropriate salty bites.

"Rakija is a new "refreshment" in the category of alcoholic beverages. We aroused people's interest in brandy and made them think about this drink differently, from an unusual, hedonistic angle, by combining it with food. The great interest in this masterclass indicates that there is plenty of room for this topic to be expanded and elaborated," said Dr. Urošević, assistant professor at the Faculty of Agriculture in Bijeljina, international evaluator of strong alcoholic beverages and vice president of the Board of Directors of the Association of Brandy Producers of Serbia.

Tomaž Kavčić, "Michelin" chef and creative director of the Food Vision by Open Balkan event, which is held as part of the Wine Vision by Open Balkan fair, greeted the attendees and invited them to this year's fair, which will be held in the halls of the Belgrade Fair, in the period 22 - November 24, 2024.
Kavčić pointed out that Wine Vision by Open Balkan has in a short time become one of the most influential wine fairs in Europe and a platform for the development of the wine and gastronomic scene of the entire region. The Weekend Food Festival in Rovinj is a prestigious gastronomic event that attracts famous chefs, sommeliers, experts and professionals from the food industry from the entire region.

Visitors can enjoy a variety of culinary demonstrations, tastings, educational workshops and courses led by top experts. The goal of the festival is the promotion of top gastronomy, the exchange of knowledge and experiences, as well as the encouragement of culinary innovations.