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Membership in International Institutions


The Multilateral Cooperation Centre within the Strategic Analysis, Services and Internationalisation Department is tasked with monitoring and guiding the activities of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia in international organisations.
The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia is a long-standing member of many international organisations and associations, primarily chamber ones, including in particular:

Through active participation in the managing and working bodies of these business associations, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia represents the interests of its members in the international business community. The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia also cooperates with other global multilateral organisations, including: UNICEF, OSCE, IMF, OECD and World Bank.

The main goals of cooperation with the international chamber organisations include:

  • Promoting Serbian economy and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia in the international organisations and among their members (at fora, conferences, international fairs and other multilateral events);
  • Improving the business climate and regulatory policies;
  • Regional networking to overcome business barriers;
  • Advancing Serbian economy and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia by harnessing the knowledge, experience and professional services provided by these organisations (issuing of ATA Carnets, organising seminars and professional events to disseminate information and train businesses for effective operations in compliance with the international standards and regulations etc.)
  • Working on joint projects and using international funds
  • Engaging professionals from different areas in the work of the multilateral organisations through participation in committees, working groups, councils etc.;
  • Education and practical training of businesses and representatives of chambers of commerce and industry and other institutions to apply international business rules and standards, with a view to ensuring their successful operation in international markets (execution of international sale and purchase agreements, Incoterms, international rules on letters of credit, guarantees, documentary collection etc.)
  • Introducing new chamber services by harnessing the experience, knowledge and infrastructure offered by the international organisations;
  • Informing and updating Serbian businesses on the work of multilateral organisations and initiatives


Over the years, the ICC has taken a leading role in international trade and business. It establishes international business rules, mechanisms and standards used worldwide to facilitate business operations.

Its publishing activity encompasses three categories: 

  • Rules and handbooks – these address different areas of business (foreign trade, banking, commercial practices, international law, intellectual property etc.) and are the result of efforts by experts and practitioners from all over the world gathered by the ICC. The ICC’s handbooks are standardised, internationally accepted and used worldwide in day-to-day business to improve and facilitate operations in international markets;
  • Professional advice;
  • Special studies covering specific markets and business segments.

All ICC publications are available on the ICC website.  

As the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia regularly keeps up with the activities of the International Chamber of Commerce and holds seminars addressing current issues, we invite you to follow us and keep up to date. 


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Head of Centre


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Tatjana Maksimović Vujisić

Independent Advisor at Multilateral Cooperation Centre


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