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Association of Energy and Mining

The total gross value added (GVA) generated by Energy and mining was around 3.5 billion EUR in 2021, which is 7.9 % of the total GVA of the country and 6.5% of Serbia’s GDP. Observed by activities, nearly 1.5 billion EUR was created by electricity, gas, and steam (43,7%) and 560.4 million EUR by the mining of coal and lignite (16.2%). The other activities have a lower contribution. From 2017 to 2021, the GVA share of energy and mining in total GVA and GDP of the Republic of Serbia shows a downward trend.

Export of energy and mining products in 2022 amounted to 6.1 billion EUR which is 22.0% of total export and export of these products are much higher compared with the previous year (by 70.3%). Energy and mining are hiring 88.2 thousand workers (4.0% of total employment) while most are employed in manufacturing electrical equipment (29.6 thousand) and electricity, gas, and steam (24.3 thousand). In energy and mining, there were 2.2 thousand active companies and 446 entrepreneurs operating in 2022 which is in total nearly 2.6 thousand. 

Share of GVA by Energy and Mining in Total GVA (in %)

Foreign Trade (in EUR billion)

Active Companies and Entrepreneurs in Energy and Mining

Employment in Energy and Mining by Activities (CA 2010)

Industrial Production Indices in the Period 2018-2022, Compared to the Averages of Previous Year

Sales of Energy and Mining by Activities (CA 2010), in 000 EUR

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